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Chris Brown still investigated for violence and gun possession

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He was arrested on the outskirts of his own home in Los Angeles, California, after a woman went to the police claiming that Brown threatened her with a lethal weapon which was a gun. He is still under investigation for this fact.

Chris Brown

For several hours the police officers searched the house of the famous rapper for the gun with which he threatened the woman. The rapper has already a history of violence against women by what happened with Rihanna, this fact made it seem even more suspicious. He was already arrested for violence againts the beauty queen but the investigations still continues.

According to the facts of the case, the woman was arguing with Brown then praise or give compliments to a friend of Brown and he pointed his weapon at her. The woman left quickly the home of Chris Brown and called the appropriate authorities to make the complaint. the police officers uspects that they are more weapon under Brown possesion.

Christopher Maurice Brown is the full name of the American rapper Chris Brown, the rapper is also a singer, songwriter, dancer, producer and an actor, which stands out in the genre of hip hop. In 2009, he was arrested for beating his former girlfriend, the singer Rihanna, who later in mid-2012 decides to return with him but later cut off all communication with the artist by the relationship so problematic that they had, but this time not about the complaint of Rihanna by violence and abuse against women, the reason for the arrest has to do with another complaint by a woman, this time threatening with a weapon, in other words, the rapper threatened a woman with a gun.

Chris Brown

The woman whom he threatens is Baylee Curran, the beauty queen pageant of California. Chris Brown apparently has problems with anger and jealousy because it is not the first time he is involved in a violent act against a woman. The police continuous the investigations due the facts that Brown could have more weapons and his history of violence and previous arrestement.


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