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The colombian rap band Farina

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Rap in Colombia is one of the most effective way young people have to protest against the problems facing the country. One of these young celebrities of rap is nothing more and nothing less than Farina. She’s a seductive girl who makes all the colombian and Latin American people fall in love with her. She combines Colombian musical rhythms and powerful song lyrics.


Farina has been an example to follow for all the young people of Colombia and today she is considered one of the pioneers in rap music in Colombia. In this article we will be talking about her and how has been her musical career since its inception. Let’s start

Farina early years

Farina is a Colombian born in Medellín in 1986. She was one of the first women to express the problems of her country and her personal problems through urban music and hip hop and rap dances. She rose to fame in 2005 during the contest of The X Factor Colombia.

Farina has also been recognized for being a pioneer in humanitarian aid and aid to the less privileged social classes. In fact it has a foundation under its name in which donates some money of its concerts for the social aids that previously mentioned.

During her early years, she began to sing and audition within the various colleges where she studied when she was a child. Nevertheless, the opportunity of her appeared when at the suggestion of a friend of hers, she enters the contest of The X Factor Colombia.

Many of the jurors within that contest admired her voice and proposed that she sign a contract with a record company in Colombia. Since then she has had a boom in her musical career with many albums that combine Colombian rap, Caribbean music, some Arabic rhythms and of course much love to music.

Rap and Farina

Farina has been recognized as a musical artist in rap music in Latin America and also in the rest of the world. Their second album has already transcended the border barriers of several countries of North America, Asia and Europe. So you can expect great songs that help promote the musical life of Latin America.

For the year 2017 she will release several albums in which she will assume a great advance in her musical career. While at the same time she will start promoting the life of television as a film actress with independent Colombian and international films.

Her fans consider her a great cult singer in the rap and hip hop music of the last years. She is the only woman who has known how to take advantage of the fame. She give to herself a better life. Farina is a Colombian who has known how to create urban music and rap music so that many can listen and admire her music.

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