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Eminem is the new star in a new film about Rap

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Rap music is one of the most heard musical branches in the last decades. So much is its influence that its presence has transcended beyond the borders of music. The rap is inside the libraries, the theater, the books and of course the cinema. In the cinema we have been seen put on the big screen biographies of famous rap artists such as Eminem’s 8 mile or Diddy that is based on the life of P Diddy.


Undoubtedly some of the actors are the rap artists themselves and one of the rap artists who likes to do a scene in the movies and films is nothing more than Eminem himself. This rap artist entered for the first time to the cinema thanks to his biopic film of 8 mile and today we are going to talk about another film in which the artist Eminem will be one of the protagonists.

Bodied and New Film

Eminem is a very famous rap artist thanks to his great songs, his musical rhythm and his unique style of expression on and off the stage. It is well known that all record companies want to have a contract with Eminem because of their great musical influence and the enormous profits that this artist represents in the business world.

But it is also noteworthy that rap artist Eminem also has a great projection inside the cinema and one of his most talked about films is 8,000, where he interprets himself in the world of gangs and rap. This movie won countless movie awards, including an Oscar for best soundtrack.

This 8-mile movie set the stage for Eminem’s future film, and is one of the most talked about films not only for his great music fans but also for great film artists such as robert downey jr or Robin Williams.

Eminem the new star

After several years of inactivity within the world of cinema, Eminem returns to the world of films with a movie that is soon to be released and will be one of the best in the genre that combines drama and musicals. This new movie will have the name Bodied.

According to the recent trailers they have released, Bodied focuses on racial relations in hip-hop through the lens of a 20-year-old white guy trying to get into the underground rap battle scene. Appropriately, the film features an incredible list of rap talent from real life battle, including Dizaster, Hollow Da Don, Dumbfounded, and Loaded Lux. Anthony Michael Hall, Calum Digno, and hip-hop personality Charlamagne Tha God are also part of the cast.

Bodied will be premiered at the Toronto Film Festival next September 7th. This new movie will be a new opportunity for the rebirth of Eminem within the world of film and the world of rap films.

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