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Did you ever heard about the music genre Crunk?

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This is a musical genre that fuses hip-hop music and electro music. Originated with the concept of the word crunk, which comes from the union of two words: Crazy and Drunk. Originated in the mid and late 1990s. Gained an upswing between 2003 and 2004. There are some songs in this genre from 2009.

Interpreters of this genre are often named as crunksters. In the archetypal crunk music track, it usually uses a drum machine, low potent, hoarse or rough voices, and often in the way of calling and responding artistically. The term crunk is erroneously used often as a general term to refer to any Southern rap style.


Origin of Crunk

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the crunk concept appeared in Southern United States. At first it was not particularly a connection to any kind of music. But associated with a high-energy scenario with crowds outside control in southern nightclubs.

A member of the Three 6 Mafia group suggested that the violent nature of this music was connected to that initial meaning of crunk. In 1991, two DJs from Memphis, DJ Paul and Juicy J, began to make their original music. Which was characterized by its slow BPM rhythms, simplistic and repetitive songs. This duo was soon known as Three 6 Mafia.

Frequently with rappers featuring such as Project Pat, Lord Infamous and Gangsta Boo in their releases, they became a decisive role in the formation of crazy and drunk music.

Move to Atlanta

In 1996, now in Atlanta, Lil ‘Jon and their group called “East Side Boyz” released their first album. Entitled “Get Crunk, Who U Wit: Da Album”. Lil ‘Jon, indicated that they were the first to use this word in a stanza of a song. He claimed that they had begun calling themselves a “crunk music group” in what it bears on this album.

However, The New York Times denied that album of Lil ‘Jon was the first Crunk album. The rapper was the key figure in the popularization of crunk music in his early years. In the 1990s, he produced two gold recordings independently. Before signing with TVT Records in 2001.

But, this genre is not exclusively associated with Lil ‘Jon and Three 6 Mafia. In its early stages, artists such as Ying Yang Twins, Bone Crusher, Pastor Troy of Atlanta, and David Banner of Mississippi also helped to popularize this genre.

Get Low

The song titled “Get Low (2003), by Lil ‘Jon & The East Side Boyz with Ying Yang Twins is recognized as the song, which put crunk music the national attention center. “Get Low” reaching number two in the Billboard Hot 100. This song remained more than 21 weeks on charts.

Although non-Dixie rappers have tended to avoid being associated with Southern hip hop, before Busta Rhymes and Nelly, agreed to record “Get Low” remixes. Lil Jon, titled “Kings of Crunk”, which also contained the song “Get Low”, became double platinum.

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