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Future, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne: Three differences with little changes

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Hip hop singer Future has just released a music video for his song “Super Trapper”. The music begins and there it is: on the steps of a staircase of a luxurious house. is the image familiar to you? Probably yes. The scene has been seen before very similar in other artists’ recordings. This time it may be different homes, but after viewing the images of the videos, for example, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and “Super Trapper”, it turns out that the scene is almost the same. Not surprising. Then 3 tests in 3 images.

Lil wayne

Rick Ross in “Oil Money Gang”

Rick Ross’s song “Oil Money Gang”, which collaborates with Jadakiss, is part of the Maybach Music Self Made 3 album and is an exhibition of his fortune. The main stage: the stairs of a mansion, with two columns in the background, and a huge lamp. The same image is in a Mystikal’s video with Lil Wayne and Birdman.

Two staircases at the sides, golden handrails, a lamp and two rappers in the center. It could be the same mansion that Rick Ross used. Also, the scene is almost identical to that from Miami.

Some changes

February 2017. A few things have changed since the previous two videos. Donald Trump is in the White House and Lil Wayne and Birdman have sued in the courts and are not even spoken.

What remains the same is the scene chosen for a new rap music video. A rapper next to some stairs in a mansion. This time the steps are made of marble, not made of wood. There are columns in the background, but the lamp is more behind. These are some of the few differences. Where was the surprise factor?

About the songs

“Give Oil Money Gang” a song produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League is the new releasing from Rick Ross, featuring Jadakiss. This song launched on June, 3rd 2013. Rick Ross´ music career is growing every time he releases a new song, and this song is a good example of this. He has made good profits with this song so far, and let’s see what is going on with his career this year.

“Original” is a song performed by Mystikal, featuring Birdman from his debut album “Mystikal” this album also has some live instrumentation songs from Trombone Shorty and The Stooges Brass Band. This song is very thick with a very rude sound, and strenuous lyrics.

“Supper Trapper” the most recent song of the three. After releasing his album whose name is his own artistic name, Future launches the video for this song last Monday. It is the first single since his last year’s EVOL. Also, this song is the second one from his album that has been on the stores since mid-2016.

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