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Gentrification and Graffiti

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5 Pointz Building in Long Island City, Queens (New York) was considered the mecca of graffiti and gentrification. On the painter collage, some artists such as Stay High 149, Tracy 168, Cope2 p CORTES have their paints there. When, it was talked about the building’s demolition, some people rose their voices as a protest.

The demolition was done, now the new construction intends to show a mural whose opponents describe with fury as “false” they refuse to consider it as art.

Gentrification and Graffiti

Like many factories in Long Island City, the accessory company for music players that housed the 5 Pointz building left in the 1990s. At that moment, its owner decided to turn it into a studio for artists. Its walls soon transformed into murals, the building into a kind of graffiti mecca. When it was destroyed, it was said that a wall would be dedicated to graffiti, critics with the idea consider it an insult.

Gentrification: Do you have $ 3,000?

Opposition to the new graffiti is summarized in magazines such as Cassius. In an article with an angry tone, the destruction of 5 Pointz is criticized, Long Island City gentrification, and intention to bring a design mural.

In the area, closest to the river in Long Island City, skyscrapers build for young professionals who can afford a studio for about $ 3,000. The Empire State and United Nations views are spectacular. The neighborhood revitalization has transformed an area of abandoned factories, into a desire area for only a few people.

Custom Graffiti in New York

The Mandela mural in Greenpoint (Brooklyn), near the own author’s studio, is an impressive painting which was not a graffiti, but a work of art with an architectural precision design. Which also included the author’s signature: The Colossal Media logo.

This is a new trend in cities like New York. Graffiti style murals are for advertising campaigns. Some promote drinks, other ideas. The police will not stop anyone for it. They have all the permissions and sometimes only for a while.

The debate is as follows: some appreciate the initiative. These are spectacular artwork. Usually pretty advertising, they say. Others consider it as lacking: They are not graffiti as it used to be then, with rebellion, with daring and protest, there are companies behind. In 5 Pointz, the conflict goes further. After demolishing the building, they want to paint a mural on request, apart from using the 5 Pointz logo. Artists consider it an offense.

From 5 Pointz to TV Will it still be hip hop?

The conversation can go one step further, and then reach an even more dramatic point. And if hip hop normalizes, will it still be hip hop? Today, Gucci draws inspiration from Harlem designers; Lil Wayne spreads champagne in television advertising on a telephone; The stories of rappers reach the traditional movie theaters and graffiti become in an accepted art. Many things have changed.

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