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Graffiti in the hip hop culture

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It is called Graffiti, graffiti, aerosol, graphite or graffiti to various forms of inscription or painting. Generally on public or private property. Such as walls, vehicles, doors and street furniture. Especially skate tracks. They are made to express graphically a feeling.graffiti

Graffiti is an art. It is one of the four fundamental pillars of Hip-Hop culture and is the first of the 9 Hip-Hop elements to have existed.


Artistic academies began to recognize Graffiti as art from the French Spring in 1968. But its origins date back historiographical to the Roman Empire by the use of satyr, although there are those who maintain that the prehistoric rock paintings were the first artistic expressions of this current.

History of Graffiti

Among the Romans was the custom of occasional writing on walls and columns, engraved and painted, and multiple inscriptions have been found in Vulgar Latin: Political slogans, insults, love statements, etc., along with a wide repertoire of caricatures and drawings in places less affected by erosion, such as cave caves, buried walls, the catacombs of Rome or the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, where they were protected by volcanic ash.

In modern times, examples are also known, made by sailors and pirates who, on their journeys, left their initials or pseudonyms marked on the stones or caves, burning a piece of cork.

The beginning

Originating the sprayer concept in the 1790s. On November 23rd, 1927, Norwegian engineer Erik Rotheim patented a can of aerosol valve. This was the precursor of the modern aerosol.
In 1837, Perpignan invented a soda siphon by incorporating a valve into the beverage container. Testing the metallic cans of sprayers in 1862.

The 70’s

In the late 1970s a wave of environmental awareness caught the attention of the world following the publication of the Molina / Rowland report on the ozone layer. Aerosols became the priority legislators’ target, the world press and consumer organizations, by the role that chlorofluorocarbons (or CFCs), often used as propellants, were thought to play in the lowering of the upper ozone layer, despite its relatively minor contribution to the phenomenon. The industry moved away from chlorofluorocarbons to approach alternative propellants.


First tagging (then called hitting) on the New York subway. Until then, they only wrote the name in simple plan. Lee 163, was the first to write the letters together and turned his signature into a logo. This is how the tag was born. First graffiti girls in Manhattan (New York), Eva 62, Barbara 62 and Michele 62.


First graffiti style war, especially on IRT Redbirds (the classic red cars in New York in the 1970s)
The first 3D piece painted by Pistol 1.  Later by Flint 707. As art the graffiti was seen.


The golden age of Graffiti ends. 1975 summer, a graffiti artist called IN (New York) instead of based on technical quality, was based on the amount of pieces that each graffiti maker made in the subway (usually throw ups).
Thanks to the idiot of IN, New Yorkers who until then had considered the grafters as artists, and even worshiped them, began to consider them like vandals and delinquents.

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