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Is the hip hop the new pop?

pagoskawaii 24 de August del 2017 celebrities
Hip hop is partying. Living a pretty intense splendor and enjoying a strong repercussion, a popularity that is on the rise. It is a genus that undoubtedly is already massified, magnified.

Is the hip hop the new pop

Perhaps the great paradox is that it started out as being of a few, with a select group and as an almost marginal and relegated genre. All the opposite to the pop, that always found in the great public a most important place, being a product more well created, almost introduced, in its listeners. Obviously we cannot rule out that pop has had an important creative cascade, or that it has been at some point transgressor from its emergence to its days of maximum splendor.

Hip hop, as a movement in itself, is now freer, listened to by those who really want to hear it, always allowing themselves to mix genres and soften their rigidity a little, introducing beats or collaborating with artists that previously would not have been allowed.

From great exponents such as Kanye West or JAY-Z, to Kendrick Lamar and coming to Tyler, the Creator or Anderson .Paak, or 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa, or Vince Staples or whoever we name, today arose from and for hip Hop, being located in a well mainstream place. A place that pop knew to occupy very well.

The benning

If the beginning of 2000 was the decade of pop, these last years are those of rap. Artists impose trends, letters, phrases, and other artistic streaks, from fashion to painting, and their names sound louder and louder as every shout they express in their songs.

The sweet sounds and rhythms of pop to Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, to name some referents of the best known, were in the past, or if they continue to do so with less popularity and less resonance.

Today the sounds are more intense, stronger, almost like a protest to the industry, to that “being a new exponent”, not knowing that lately this great industry has as a great reference and will continue to have hip hop.

Even today the influence is so great that musicians who previously erected their sounds in a certain style, now mix in their songs those beats, those rhythms characteristic of rap and although although pop will not cease to exist as a genre, Finds more diluted and only concentrates its power and influence on a few artists.

But hip hop is revolutionary, balsamic, does not wander around and says what it means directly, a clear mirror of the hyper-connected society in which we live. It is a genre that has always sought its reinvention, its alteration, which found polishing edges and nooks where to intrude.

Maybe hip hop as a genre will eventually weaken, lose its strength and even pop and all its bands or soloists that were once in the highest and fell suddenly resurface, that can never be known. But in the immediate future it seems to be a force that will not stop so easily.

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