» » Jay-Z in an interview with iHeart Radio: “I woke up at that hour and called 4:44”

Jay-Z in an interview with iHeart Radio: “I woke up at that hour and called 4:44”

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The number 4 is Jay-Z’s favorite and has found new symbolism in it. After a few hours of madness since the release of rapper 4:44 album, now comes the analysis and explanations. The number that names the title is full of meaning. The musician has just revealed that represents the exact moment in which he woke up and confessed his problems in rhymes.

You can have a fortune of over 800 million, a successful career and a woman like Beyoncé and see how everything in a moment threatens. When an ex – Destiny’s Child released their Lemonade album, it was revealed that Jay Z’s infidelities were surprising. The drama continues now with what seems the Brooklyn response. The singer has gone to the radio to explain all the mysteries of that “4:44” and has revealed a novelty: it all began when he woke up at that hour of the morning.

Jay-Z in a intreview I woke up at that hour and called 444

What she said about her new album

“It’s the crux of the album, which is right in the middle of the album,” Jay-Z told iHeart a few moments ago. He was referring to the song “4:44”, which he chose to name the work. “I literally got up at 4:44 in the morning to write this song,” he said. “So it became the title of the album and everything,” he added. “It’s the title of the song because it’s such a strong song and I just think it’s one of the best songs I’ve written.”

At that moment Mr. Carter, probably in his pajamas, began to go over his thoughts: what was going well and, above all, what was wrong. After that, the singer decided to represent his album with that number, made the song last 4:44 minutes exactly and covered the city of New York and hip hop websites advertising the number was read.

There was a time that said that it had “99 problems, but that an aunt was not one”. In recent times it seems that the story has changed. “If my kids knew (what I did), I do not know what I would do,” he says in one of the verses in “4:44.” “I ask forgiveness (for being), often womanizer,” he adds in the same song. The letter (in Spanish) can be seen in this link.

Kanye and Jay-Z

Jay-Z reveals in an interview that his friendship with Kanye West could have come to an end, after having had many successful collaborations.

The rapper said: “We’ve had worse problems, but you’ve got my family and now that’s a problem,” Jay-Z said of Kanye’s attitude when he screwed up his wife’s concert during the MTV Video Music gala Awards.

West’s discomfort with Beyoncé was that she said the singer would refuse to sing with him if she was not the winner of the best video of the year.

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