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Junction 48. The Palestinians that learn English from 2Pac

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The idea that one of the most famous Palestinian industry of rappers recognizes that they learned English with Tupac’s lyrics. That messages about the struggle of African-Americans in the United States served him to face the oppression that lives in Israel. He is Tamer Nafar a hip-hop singer who became an actor. Thanks to the film Junction 48. A work by Israeli director Udi Aloni who won the International Narrative Award last year at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

junction 48

Junction 48 – The film

One of the dialogues in the film, Nafar says “My songs are non-political, they simply describe the place I come from”. He knows that this statement is not that simple. The film shows a group of Palestinian rappers from the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Lod. It is loaded of messages that invite to reflection.

From the importance of family and friendship the injustice that Palestinian people suffer, to the women’s struggle to recover their autonomy. At the same time this film is a portray of the similitude of Hip Hop fans in any place in the world.

USA and Tupac influence

The US rap influence has given way to a common aesthetic posture, even a language that can be identified from one country to another. But this phenomenon goes beyond that. Like Tamer, many young people learn English by studying the classic lyrics from artist like Tupac. At the same time, they identify with messages from oppressed groups around the world.

Tamer Nafar self-portrait

Even though Tame Nafar roles a young man called Kareem in the film this character is in a certain way himself. The actor is also a hip hop singer in real life. He started with music in 1998 by joining the group DAM. Which is now dissolved. This group is known as the first Arab-Israeli Hip Hop group whose members, Suhell Nafar, Tamer Nafar, and Mahmoud Jarre live in Israel. They are Palestinians, they sing in Arabic.

In the film, Kareem shows his battle for having a name in the industry, while he also fights in a hostile context, where just having a place to live and sleep, or being respected as a minority is a daily mission for most Palestinians. Israeli director Udi Aloni appears in the hall when the title Junction 48 ascend slowly.

Plot of the film

It begins with an explanation, justifying why he has chosen for hip hop or “Western music”. As some criticize him, instead of a Palestinian genre. He said that he used the oppressive music from Western countries. He also reinforces the Tupac’s idea to have taught more than English to most of his followers.

The director also says that creating art does not only mean that. Creating a culture that is attempting to be destroyed. The Palestinian culture.

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