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Do you know the most famous white hip hop singers?

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Hip-hop is lyrically a song of African American origin. Born in the suburbs and ghettos of the great American cities, Detroit, New York, Washington, etc. The white hip hop singers, not influenced by the urban themes that black singers have.

Famous white hip hop singers

But the thing is that white fellas also liked rap. They also wanted to rap and did it by themselves. An artistic racism did not allow blacks to accept white rap on their turntables. But, with the start of the Run-DMC & Aerosmith fusion, things changed. This first merger broke the rules. Let’s start by browsing all the guys who didn’t believe that “whites can’t jump.”

Most Famous white hip hop singers

Beastie boys

Beastie Boys was a band that … yes, a band because they did not play rap, but hardcore Punk, and they were called Young Aborigines. From this mix influenced by Run-DMC and Detroit rap bands, and New York where they came from, they created their first “License to ill” Album in 1986 that sold 50 million records since then. His vocally disordered rap style that seems to parody the black rap, fitted well into the scene. They used all the rap elements of that time, samplings, Roland’s, sequencers and DJ’s scratching on stage in their performance.

Vanilla Ice

His real name, Robert Matthew Van Winkle. Born in Dallas, was greatly influenced by Rap. Taking interest in poetry, he created at age 16 the hit Ice Ice Baby. He participated as a dancer in the breakdance scene and for being the only white guy in his crew they called him Vanilla, a name he did not like much, but he got used to and then, when he began his career as a rapper, he added another word; Ice. Years later, his career declined and even attempted suicide. He was a professional motorcycle rider, an activity that he left after breaking his leg. Today he continues on the stage, singing and making music.


This singer is Canadian. He is close to the poles, so hopefully it has taken his name because of the. Snow is a Reggae singer who embodies rap in his songs. Therefore, we cannot remove it from the List.

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

If during 90s you heard a song called Good Vibrations on the radio over and over again, that one was sung Marky Mark. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, in his teenage years Mark -influenced by the success of his brother Donnie Wahlberg-who was a member of New Kids on the Block, created a hip-hop group called Funky Bunch with 5 other members. This young rapper was Mark Wahlberg, the actor.

Kid Rock

Finally, Kid Rock and his song Bawitdaba, becoming notorious in the indie music era. Everything was indie, also experimental and sonorously new and a metallic hip-hop like Kid’s was well received among so many musical crosses that manifested in that period.

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