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After several years of absence inside the musical booths, recordings and concerts, the hip hop and rap band Kodigo Norte returns in a new performance. In which everyone will be delighted by the new musical repertoire that will bring with this year 2017.

Kodigo Norte

The rap and hip hop band Kodigo Norte (KN) has been one of the major influences of this musical branch within the Spanish territory. So much is their fame that they have inspired others rap and hip hop groups. Such as Big Kane or Bilbao Boys.

Kodigo Norte Early Years

This KN group is also one of the major musical influences inside Spain and in Western Europe. Where rap and hip hop are already musical genres that are heard more strongly in places such as schools and concerts. KN is also a great musical group. It combines all the influences of Caribbean music and traditional Spanish music. With the powerful lyrics of rap and hip hop to convey a clear message about problems on the society. Such as racism, violence in the streets and women violence.

Also Kodigo Norte is the one that has more commercialized image within Spain. This because in its category of rap and hip hop is one of the most sold. Their early years were not easy as the group was born in a historical context in which rap and hip hop was not a musical genre very well seen into the Spanish society.

Often Kodigo Norte had to think about how to promote their own discs. How to record their own discs and to sell them around the different communities of Spain. But in 2006 they came to fame when rap and hip hop began to have a big tendency within Spanish territory and a great impact within the Spanish country.

Music and Rap

Nevertheless, the albums of Kodigo Norte came to have a great influence in the Spanish society since it touched very problematic topics of  Spain. This group of rap and hip hop was then a cultural pillar for the promotion of rights of emigrants as well as women. Also to promote human rights in Western Europe.

However, their last album will address topics of great interest such as terrorism and the promotion of refugee rights. Also will be a new and danceable music to be placed on clubs and bars. This musical album obviously brings rap and hip hop but with a very particular combination of dance and urban dance. It will attract new fans of this new generation. Both for teenagers and for universities students as well.

KN’s new music album is expected to be released by the end of this year or the beginning of 2018. At the moment it’s up to the fans. Just expect this new music album that will have a big impact on our musical repertoire.

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