» » Kylie Jenner changes Hip Hop producer for PartyNextDoor fast

Kylie Jenner changes Hip Hop producer for PartyNextDoor fast

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Kylie Jenner changes Hip Hop producer for PartyNextDoor fast

Affairs in the show business and music result a complicated matter for celebrities, being the personal relationship affected by lack of privacy, and the eye on the personal life of these people, by the media, magazines, television, and social networking. So, relation between famous people can be very changing, and more if the people involved are young, and influenced by a world dominated by money, luxury, and may be excess.

Just a few days have passed since Kylie Jenner; the eighteen years old sister of Kim Kardashian put an end to her relationship of almost two years, with the Hip Hop producer Tyga, who is twenty six years old. Nevertheless, the recent breakup of the couple does not seem to be a great obstacle for Kylie Jenner, who apparently has found love again, in such a short time, and this time is in the arms of the rapper Jahron Brathwaite, more known in the business music as PartyNextDoor.

According to a source of The Sun Diary,” the romance has born in a sudden way, but Kylie and Party feel they have made the appropriate decision, being both of them crazy about each other”. In the same order of ideas, the source also comment how the young female celebrity had started to wonder why she lost so much time with the Hip Hop producer Tyga, when “it appears the relationship was going nowhere…”

Tyga seems to still hurt

Kylie Jenner changes Hip Hop producer for PartyNextDoorfast

Although, Kylie could have given the definitive end to her sentimental past with Tyga, thanks to her new boyfriend PartyNextDoor, a Canadian rapper, who is twenty two year old, the Hip Hop producer has expressed on the different social networking, being still with his heart broken, having trouble to pass the page, and to forget the moments spend with the young TV star.

In the same way, Tyga confessed on TMZ portal, “I think things have not worked out, because the two of us are focused on our own lives, in her individual life. These types of situation occur frequently, but the most important thing is that I love her, and I always will.” This was the declaration the Hip Hop producer gave to this portal of news, where he seemed to be still hurt, about the whole situation, while his ex-girlfriend appears to have found the way to forget all of that, appearing in many times on the her profile of Instagram, with her new partner in love.

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