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Learning a new foreign language with Hip Hop

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Learning a new foreign language is one of the challenges that all humans ever face in their lives. There are people who want to learn English, French, Spanish, German with traditional methods. Such as hiring a language teacher or going to classes at an institution specializing in the training of foreign languages.

learning foreign language with hip hop

However, there is also a large majority of people learning foreign languages through non-conventional methods such as games and music. And in recent years has been growing this tendency to learn a language with this method. The theme of today is how people learn a foreign language through one of the variants of music: Rap / Hip Hop.

Rap/Hip Hop as help for learning a foreign language

Learning a language through music is not a novel discovery. There have been innumerable cases of people who have used lyrics and musical rhythm to learn to identify words, situations, colloquial expressions, etc.

This is to effectively develop within the language learning. What has been discovered in recent years is the tendency to learn a language through rap and hip hop. This clearly obeys a cultural behavior according to the generation, but what if you can see is the large number of people who are learning colloquial expressions more quickly.

This happens because in rap and hip hop it is more common to use colloquial expressions. Also other forms of idioms that adjust to rhythm and rhyme. This however has meant a profound progress in teaching a language to a person as this new creative and dynamic teaching of these expressions open a new range of possibilities to learn a language to the student that focuses on listening very well all Rap / Hip Hop Artist Songs

Artists in English like Usher, Jay Z, Eminem, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, etc. They are artists of current predilection and the lyrics themselves are used by students to enter the world of English. As an alternative language to learn in depth.

There are also artists who sing in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and who use rhymes, lyrics, rhythms and often colloquial expressions. To enrich their music commercially. But it also provides a great help to foreign students who want to learn the language of their favorite artist. Find that the best way to encourage and motivate is through their music.


In conclusion and after all of the above, it is not surprising that the new generations of students feel a great love for the alternatives of studies. Such as music, especially rap that is a variant of music that combines great Rhymes, different rhythms and colloquial expressions. That help you understand the language much better for those students who wish to learn the language of their favorite artist.

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