» » Lil Wayne made a bad one with Curren$y this time

Lil Wayne made a bad one with Curren$y this time

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Lil Wayne made a bad one with Currensy 3

Having a chill moment can turn horribly just within seconds this is what happened to Curren$y just a couple of days ago when chilling out in the tour bus with Lil Wayne and the crew after Basketball game that almost when soured the story of regaining some fluids almost ended with the famous rapper’s life.

The History was simple yet almost a tragedy

Lil Wayne made a bad one with Currensy 2

The artist was bonding a moment with the crew of Lil Wayne playing some basketball, and during the hot weather and the hot temperature of his body due to making exercises after the normal dehydration of the physical effort he just came in to open up the fridge and have something to drink, as it appears is that what he found in the fridge was some Hawaiian Punch in the best cold served, and he just chugged down the whole bottle as you would usually do too when thirsty.

Right after he did this, a totally absolutely regular thing to do, when having a thirst to quench in the moment of quenching it, then all of a sudden Lil wayne realizes that something bad has just happened something that Spitta had no Idea what it was. And tells him that he is about to die.

Not knowing at the moment, that apparently Mr. Wayne had grabbed the bottles of Hawaiian Punch and added a little sugar towards them to make them spicier with a spiked flavor into it you know? –As it turns out, Lil Wayne had grabbed the bottles of Hawaiian Punch and had added them some cough syrup!

Lil Wayne had added Cough Syrup to the Hawaiian Punch

The thing is that currency chugged down the entire bottle without even looking at it and he did not realized until it was too late, curren$y whom is not famous for these types of drugs as his personal choice found himself in a bad state of mind, while the persons who were staring simply could do nothing about it except wait and watch and hope for the best.

Mr curren$y slept almost nineteen hours for the effects of the drink into him, he woke up in Miami in the bus alone after a couple of hours after passing down the effects of the drug consumed without knowing while his tour mates where outside expecting already for the worst case scenario.

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