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Maluma introduces Bonnie and Clyde to Instagram fame

Emily 11 de November del 2016 celebrities
The two Siberian puppies that Maluma calls his ‘kids’ are already Instagram famous. So far, they have more than 45k followers and counting. Their names: Bonnie and Clyde, of course.

Maluma’s record of pup love

It’s not a secret that Maluma is a dog lover. He went through difficult times after the passing of his French bulldog, Kilates, in 2014. The pair had made a number of appearances on social media and were well known for being close companions. But later that year, the dog passed away. So after such a painful episode, the Colombian singer preferred to wait for sometime before getting attached again.

It was during a tour in Argentina that Maluma received a special gift from fans that really moved him: a French Bulldog, just like Kilates.

The dog was their way to show their love and commitment to the singer, to cheer him up and to honor the memory of his old friend. Maluma was hesitant at first. Due to his now constant traveling and agitated lifestyle, he wasn’t sure it was a good idea to take on the responsibility. Aside from the fact that he didn’t know if he could get the paperwork on time to leave the country with the dog back to Colombia.

He wrote them back thanking them, but second-guessing whether to accept. Nonetheless, in the end he couldn’t resist and adopted the dog. He named him ‘Priti’ as in the name of his tour “Pretty boy, Dirty boy”. Since then, Priti has also become a social media sensation.

Maluma 2

Bonnie & Clyde’s unexpected comeback

Declared America’s public enemies during the early 1930’s, the names Bonnie and Clyde became famous for the first time. The couple was so close that only death brought them apart. They have been called Romeo and Juliette in a getaway car, and have inspired many others. Not necessarily in crime, but as a romantic and idealistic symbol of partnership, commitment, and the fight against the system.

Their story has leaked into culture in ways that couldn’t have been imagined: in t.v. and radio, music, movies and even in videogames. Of the pair of thieves, what’s left is this idealistic idea of union and commitment.

Fast-forward to modern day, and now we will find a new revival of their names in the two Siberian puppies of one of Colombia’s most successful performers of the moment. This rebellious and romantic influence is not unexpected in someone like Maluma. In fact, we can see how it fits pretty well with his personality

According to some Colombian media sources and fan comments, the two puppies were not cheap. In fact, they are considered to be a luxury item, since they can go for up to a million and a half Colombian pesos.

Maluma 1

Over 24k just the first day

Before we wrapped up October, Maluma surprised his fans with a picture of his new pups and the announcement of their new Instagram account. Of course, Maluma is big in social media. He himself has over 17 million followers on Instagram and over 3 million on Twitter alone. So it’s no wonder his new ‘kids’ are enjoying instant fame all over Instagram, getting 24.5k followers in just the first day.

At this moment though, over 45.5k  followers are now enjoying heartwarming pictures of the two beautiful white puppies with their entrancing blue eyes. We see them always together playing, whether in the yard or inside the house, going for walks, and even in Halloween costumes. Make sure you follow too to keep up with Bonnie and Clyde: https://www.instagram.com/bonnie_clyde_mlm/

The trend of having Instagram accounts for pets has certainly helped to lighten up the general mood in social media. Currently, it’s so heavily opinionated and divided. So, we thank Maluma’s Bonnie and Clyde for their part in this important task.

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