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MC (vocalist)

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Rap performers are known as MCs. The MC produces rhymes on a particular theme on a musical basis performed by a DJ or a Beatmaker. MCs practice the Hip-Hop MC element, although they may also be interested in the other branches or even practitioners from other branches can do a MC.


Either to go to a stage to rap or to record, but since he/she stops doing it, he/she also stops being considered MC and returns to do that of his/her elements. for example, returns to be DJ, Beatmaker or Graffiti artist.

Difference between a rapper and Mc

It was believed that the difference between a Rapper and an MC is that the MC not only “raps” (whether writing Rap or singing Rap), but also improvises, go on tour, and make records. Although currently, it is defined as MC to the profession of doing Rap while, rapper is the hobby of doing or listening to Rap.

Do not confuse then that when you do it for money, you do it for work or you do it with a high level professionally speaking, you stop being “rapper” to become a MC. It is clear that being a MC is more relevant and has more responsibilities than being rapper alone.


It’s a Hip Hop poet that is directed and moves rhythmically by a crowd that rhyme orally. Is a cultural spokesperson. Technically, the Mc is a creation of the community itself.

The Mc is a word that comes from the abbreviated form of Master of Ceremonies. In its traditional sense, M.C. Refers to the host of an event – the master of a ceremony or event.

In its ancient sense, it was to pray or to communicate with GOD. It was used by the Greeks to communicate in their oracles and to pray to their gods.

Other references of Mcs

The earliest known Mc forms were employed by the ancient priests, sages and philosophers in Africa and Asia. Later in history, the ancient art of Mcing would be practiced by African griots and duels, as they went from village to village teaching (or rather representing) the history and important lessons of life.

Evolution of Mcs


all they did then was to introduce the DJ, speaking or encouraging the audience, began gradually to sing about the audience’s favorite breaks although it was not until 1978 that the MCs took the importance they have today reciting over the beats.


The first MCs appear: Coke La Rock, Clark Kent, Grand Master Caz (GMC). Kool DJ Herc was dedicated to the instrumental part, while Coke La Rock and Clark Kent were in charge of the MC part. They formed the group Kool Herc and the Herculoids.


First crews of MC, like “Crash Crew” of Harlem (New York).


The DJ passes into the background and passes the MC show in the foreground. DJs and MCs performed “call and answer” chants with basic choruses that allowed the performers a little time to think about what they were going to do next (e.g. “one, two, three, y’all, to the beat “)


First female MC, Sha Rock, when her group called “Funky Four + One” is born.

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