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Nas confirms his 11th releasing

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The rapper from Queens Nas is news for probably the best reason for his fans. Has confirmed that it intends to release a new album this year 2017. This will be the eleventh album of his career and will arrive in 2017.

The news

The information was unveiled by the rapper in an interview for Billboard Magazine in Soho, New York. What will the release process be like? Nas reveals data, but he also feeds intrigue.

Nas debuted with Illmatic in 1994. He has not stopped since. His latest album, Life Is Good, arrived in 2012, and this 2017 aims to add another album to the list. As reported from Soho, the new album still has no title.

Brief Nas biography

Nas was born in Brooklyn, New York, being the eldest son of the marriage between Olu Dara and Fannie Ann Jones. His brother Jabari was born in Congo, and is known as “Jungle”. The family lived for a time in Brooklyn before moving to Queensbridge, the largest housing complex in the United States.

His beginning

When he was around 10 or 12 years old, Nas had seriously decided to pursue a career as a rapper. As a teenager he recruited his best friend and neighbor Willie “Ill Will” Graham as a DJ. Nas was first called Kid Wave before he adopted his best known alias, Nasty Nas. He and Graham soon met the hip hop producer residing at Queensbridge Large Professor, who introduced him in his Main Source group.

In 1991, he made his debut with a verse in “Live at the Barbeque”. From the album Breaking Atoms from Main Source. Despite having already made a name on the underground scene. Major record companies rejected him and could not sign a recording contract.

1992-1995: Recording and launching of Illmatic

In the middle of 1992, MC Serch of 3rd Bass became his manager and assured the young rapper a contract with Columbia Records for that same year. Nas debuted with the single “Halftime” that was included in the soundtrack of the film Zebrahead. The single helped the rapper to make himself known, he appeared also on MC Serch’s solo album on the track “Back to The Grill”. The audience was already waiting impatiently for Nas’s debut album.

Technique and musical style

Nas has long been famous for his creativity and his ability to tell stories, giving him much recognition in both the hip hop community and the critics. In his beginnings, since his debut in the Breaking Atoms of Main Source and in Illmatic, Perhaps, he was best known for his songs in which he played street songs, with complex lyrics and witty phrases. As he progressed and matured, he began to diversify into different themes and developed a louder voice and slower rapping technique.

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