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Nicki Minaj twerks with might and money

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Nicki Minaj twerks with might and money 

Lt us face it, Nicki loves the audience and the audience loves her back, and she loves to give the audience exactly what they want, and what they came for, some shaking the artists loves to show for that, and likes to encourage her fans to do so, this is very cool when she gives you the chance to twerk on stage, pays you for it, and at the end of the rewards then twerks on top of you!

That is what she did this Wednesday the 18th at the Adult Swim party, people had the chance to enjoy Nicki doing what is best for her, being Nicki!, she really made the party catch fire, in dazzling move she got to her fans with a set list that drove the audience toward her showing her a lot of love, and she was feeling it.

She performed live some of her biggest blockbuster hits, like Anaconda, Only and Trufflebuffer and she took it back to 2010’s performing some of the oldies seeing the real love of the audience towards her, to show that she was not only an artist that embellishes men, she was eager to prove that female audience was in the joint and were there to support her, and show her that they female crowd is with her through it all.

Nicki Minaj twerks with might and money 2

The Hip Hop diva, called people to the stage to entertain the rest of the audience was with girls from the crowd and performed a twerking competition! People love it, and to make it more interesting, she even made a promise, being crowned a queen twerker, by one the most famous twerkers on the world, was not only acknowledgment what they were going , they were too going to receive a metallic price into it.

Nicki offered to the winner of the contest, a cash price of 500$ so the five girls who got on the stage to shake their booties, with all of their might enjoyed doing it for various reasons, one impress miss Minaj, secondly getting the approval of the audience, and third leaving home with money in the pocket better appropriate.

What they did not have any Idea, was also that the winner was going to have a memory to last in their lives, Nicki was to perform in top of them, twerking them up, giving quite a show to rememember.

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