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Pablo Hasel, a tweet and Many problems with the Spanish Court

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The National Police analyzed since Sunday the authorship and content of an offensive Twitter commentary. Against the abducted by ETA José Antonio Ortega Lara and attributed to the rapper Pau Rivadulla. Better known as Pablo Hasel.

Pablo Hasel

Hasel was already sentenced to two years in prison in 2014. By the National High Court for a crime of enhancing terrorism through several of his themes broadcast on Youtube. In them he wanted to commit attacks against representatives of the PP and PSOE and praised members of GRAPO. Also ETA and other terrorist groups.

A year later, this sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court. In this article, we will inform you of what has happened, without more to say: let’s begin.

Pablo Hasel early Years

Hasel is a Spanish rap artist born in Spain during the 80s. His music has transcended the typical borders of Spain and his songs and his musical rhythm is one of the most heard in both Portuguese and French speaking countries. Also in English or German speaking countries.

Pablo grew up in a poor neighborhood of Madrid and his only escape for the reality he lived was singing rap music. At the age of 20, he presented himself to an audition in a bar in his own neighborhood. This presentation would mark a before and after in the young Pablo. Since there he was one of the most famous musical representatives in Spain.

He quickly began to make fame and has released rap albums every year until the decade of 2000, when he took out a record every two years. However, he did not lose the musical rhythm he carried inside his body and decided to share it with the rest of the world via youtube.

The incident

“Many seasonal people sleeping in the shade are worse off than Ortega Lara and without being jailers and torturers,” says the message in his Twitter account, which has generated all kinds of criticism from other users, some of whom decided to put To the police and the Civil Guard in the knowledge of the facts.This newspaper has contacted the rapper to interest themselves if he was the author of the comment, which has disappeared from his Twitter account.For the moment he has not spoken.

The sources consulted stated that it is the agents of the Technological Research Unit (ITU) of the National Police who are studying the origin of the message and if they find indications of crime they will foreseeable inform the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court to adopt The measures it deems appropriate.

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