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Pharrell releases 2 new songs for the Hidden Figures soundtrack

Emily 16 de January del 2017 celebrities
Pharrell will be part of the Hidden Figures soundtrack, a film about Katherine Johnson and her participation at NASA. We already know that Pharrell is an Oscar-level composer. That’s why these new songs will be probably part of the next ceremony for sure.

Hidden Figures is set between the 50s and 60s when Johnson went to school with her classmates. This film will tell you the story of those women who broke through gender and racial inequality in a time where it was much more stressed than it is nowadays. And, although there is still a long road to go, these kinds of projects do nothing but inspire us to continue on the pursuit of equality.

Well, back to the point. Do you like Pharrell? Well then, keep reading!

Who is Pharrell?

Pharrell Williams, aka Skateboard P is an American producer, composer and hip hop singer. His beginnings started up with the duo The Neptunes, along with Chad Hugo. As well as with the rap/rock band N.E.R.D with the same partner Hugo and also Shae Haley.

As a member of The Neptunes, Pharrell wrote and produced a great number of songs for artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Shakira, Britney Spears, Mika, Snoop Dog, Gwen Stefani, and Nelly Furtado, among other well-known artists.

He can also play the drums, piano and guitar. Pharell is currently the owner of a brand that covers different branches from entertainment, music and fashion. He is also the co-founder of a clothing brand called Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Clothing.

Pharrell’s solo artist career

His solo debut was with the album “My Mind”, which was released in 2006. Williams appeared in a special promotional campaign on TNT for the All-Star NBA game.

In 2013, he stood out notably with two of the most important materials of that year. He was a producer of Daft Punk’s fourth album “Random Access Memories”, featuring the tracks “Get Lucky” and “Lose Yourself to Dance”. And he also co-produced with Nile Rodgers on the hit “Blurred Lines” from the R&B singer Robin Thicke. The single “Get Lucky” would reach the top of the charts in the UK, France, Germany and Australia for 4 weeks in a row

Pharrell won the Grammy Award 2013 as the best producer of the year. He recognized that this award has a lot of to do with the collaboration he did with Daft Punk on his last album that year.

Oscar appearance and great success

“Girl” was Pharrell William’s newest creature that was planned to be released in May. But his record company decided to abruptly release it weeks earlier to make it match with his Academy Award performance in Hollywood. This ceremony had a great ending for him when he took home one of the prizes. He was nominated for the best original song for “Happy”, from the soundtrack of “Despicable Me 2” and one of the 10 songs from the album that had sold more than a million digital copies as singles. The temptation was so strong to spoil the Academy Award on the launch of “Girl” (the name of the album).

Pharrell’s personal style

Pharrell has also been considered the “best dressed of the year”. He has certainly demonstrated that during his performance at Staples Center in Los Angeles. That night, he attended the Grammy Award Gala wearing a huge brown hat. That hat was the sensation of the show that night, and set Twitter on fire with some comments from people like the reputed fashion guru André Leon Talley, who qualified Pharrell as the “best dressed of the night”

For all that, this guy is definitely the “King Midas” of music.

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