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Rage Against the Machine the rap and rock band

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Rage Against the Machine is one of those bands that can easily be categorized as a Rap / Metal band. His characteristic guitar chords along with rap have made him an icon in the 90’s and part of the 2000. Today we’re going to talk about this legendary band.
Rage against the machine


The characteristic and the style of music within the band is very varied, since it combines the hard rock style with the rhythms of Hip Hop. The members of the band also put the own style of each one within the songs. This make the albums very varied musically.

The hip hop style of singer Zack de la Rocha, for example, is inspired by bands such as RUN DMC or Public Enemy, while Tom Morello’s guitar is heavily influenced by the rhythm of heavy metal bands of the 80s like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. In the case of the bassist and drummer, their style ranges from jazz to classic rock, heavy metal and sometimes, Blues.

Origins of Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine was founded at the end of the 80 with the participation of Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello, these two members had met in a Hip Hop concert of Public Enemy and have been communicated ever since. On the other hand they contacted a friend of the family of Tom Morello called Tim and hired him as a bass player.

The Drummer was selected by Zack and from then on would be a long musical relationship that has lasted until today. Their first concerts were in Bars near the city of the Angels, until one good day a producer of music echoed his style and he decided to contract them.


The Rage Against the Machine records are characteristic of their great social criticism of the United States. They have a powerful combination between the accords of guitar and the rap style of Zack de la Rocha. The lyrics are deep and rooted in the improvement of American society. It criticizes wild capitalism a lot. His most famous albums are Evil Empire and The Battle of Los Angeles. These two albums are undoubtedly the two best creations that have led to the peak of popularity.

There is also an album with pure covers called Renegades. This album is one of the best album with covers of other artists and is very well made. Giving the respectable touch of the song in combination with his artistic touch in the music.


The most famous songs of Rage Against the Machine are: Killing in the name, Bullet in the Head, Vietnow, Bulls on Parade, Testify, Wake Up, Guerrilla Radio and No Shelter.

There is a wide variety of songs within their albums that are worth listening to. So it is a good way to give these guys a chance so they can be heard inside their mp3 or ipods. You will not be disappointed

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