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Rap and Hip Hop language problems

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One of the phenomena that has grown in the last decades is the large number of children. They have a great difficulty to articulate words or “language problems”. These children are often taken to language therapy so that they learn in an extracurricular way how to pronounce each syllable, each letter and each word.

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But in the last years the orthodox tradition of taking them to a specialized institute has not had the same result as in the last years since the child’s mind at the moment is “too active” to learn by the boring traditional method.

However, not everything is lost. According to a recent study in different universities around the world, combining music with language therapies makes children more interested in the lessons taught to them by therapists. There are many methods that combine rock, blues and jazz. But the one that until now has had a great success is the Rap / Hip Hop.

Rap/Hip Hop and Children

Rap / Hip Hop is a musical trend that combines body expressions with fast or slow musical lyrics, sometimes easy to pronounce and that is sustained thanks to the good rhythm that the music producers put.

That is why the generation of children of the last century have had a great sense of cultural-musical affiliation with this kind of music because with easy lyrics and a fairly moving rhythm, they can freely express themselves within society.

Renowned artists within the rap / hip hop culture have been the inspiration of many children to become a day in the future, great artists like them. This cultural trend plays much in favor of therapists.

Rap/ Hip Hop Language Problems Therapy

They see that children with speech difficulties have a great taste for music. Some of these therapists have managed to together with their small patients can articulate each word within the list of letters of the artist with great optimum results.

The results showed that 8 out of 10 children liked the idea of trying to sing the lyrics of the songs and practicing consciously or unconsciously the letters, syllables and combinations of words to form the rhymes inside their mouths and thus pronounce them in a correct way. This encourages many therapists to introduce this new teaching method into their program studios.

Thus, children also identify the words with body expressions of their artists within videos of their concerts. Because with each body gesture they make live, therapists help children identify words with an accepted body gesture within society. In this way they help the children to express themselves. In a creative and coherent way. Also to repeat words so that the pronouncement of the same word is in a fluid way.


In conclusion it can be said that the new study trends indicate that the cultural-musical impact is a great incentive. When handling speech and language problems. Musical trends such as Rap / Hip Hop are a great help. It is a great challenge such as managing language therapy.

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