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Rap Monster: The new sensation of Korean Rap

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There are several and big korean artists who have known how to highlight the name of “rap artists” in the Asian continent. There are many asian rap artists and they all share the exquisite taste of rhyming songs in english with korean and sometimes also mandarin.

rap monster

However, among the most requested korean artists in the oriental world is nothing more and nothing less than the artist “Rap Monster”. This singer is an Asian boy born in his native South Korea. Thanks to the enormous creative gifts he has managed to take to the air his fame. He has been one of the most sought after rap artists in the Eastern world. Today we are going to dedicate a special article for this monster of the rap. Without more to say: let’s begin.

Kim Namjoo and “Rap Monster”

Kim Namjoon. Better known as Rap Monster. He was born in South Korea in the 90s. This rap artist from an early age felt a great love for music. Combining both styles, the Eastern and the Western. Thanks to this love for the combination of both music is that he knew right away what he really wanted to be. Of course he choose to be the biggest rapper in South Korea.

He started singing rap music at his young age of 14 years inside his house, at his friends’ house and at school, where he was very popular. At the age of 15, he managed to sing in the bars of some South Korean neighborhood and there was where his career as a musician began to flourish.

However, he quickly signed a contract with the most influential music producers in the Asian continent. And then he began a long musical career that would take him on tour to major Asian cities such as China, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, among other countries


It is from the second musical album where the musical lyrics in English on his album begin to give a significant twist in his career. By putting him as a new rap artist within the European and North American continents. Thanks to this his fame began to be one of the most sounded worldwide.

Among the most famous Rap monster albums we have: Among the monster, Prometheus and Fantastic. These musical albums are the most played. By all the radios in all the countries in Asia and in Europe. Songs within music albums often have varying rhythms. Also lyrics that criticize the way of life of the rich, poverty and hunger.

Finally, if you are interested in listening to an Asian artist in rap music, surely Rap Monster should be inside your list. This is one of the korean rap artists you need to listen to. It will be an excellent opportunity to have the greatest amount of lyrics and varied music on your musical repertoire.

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