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Ray BLK follows the same steps as Adele

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Songs and more songs, singers and more singers, who without too much pride of protagonist become true protagonists of music, mainly European. Something that, without a doubt, is getting little by little is Ray BLK. If you do not know her here, then you will have your first contact with her right here.

Ray blk

To say that the most sophisticated R&B music is fashionable all over the planet but especially in the UK, is not to say that is crazy. From that point, new sounds, with certain old senses, may invade your ears in the best way possible.

Who is Ray BLK?

This young singer who was born in Nigeria but who has been drenched in the best R & B since the age of four, when she moved to London, she has just taken an important step in her musical career. At the end of January, she won first place in the Sound of 2017 awarded by the prestigious BBC network every year. An award that makes Ray BLK as the likely artist to explode musically during the year 2017.

The comparisons

Many have been the ones who have named Ray BLK as the new Lauryn Hill, a very great nickname at this point in the game. Even so, it is true that her music does give a certain air to The Fugees former member, who is and will always be one of the greatest artists of the genre. However, the Londoner also has her own style and she has made it clear from her beginnings as a professional in the music world. One of the first track that it could be heard to BLK in 2015 was 50/50, which sampled that legendary pop song, Lovefool by The 1996 Cardigans’ song. Nothing has to do with each other.

What she is living now

What is happening now with Ray BLK is not getting it from nothing. Moreover, when she was only 13 years old, she formed a group with another old acquaintance of the musical panorama, the producer MNEK. However, that mix did not come to nourish as expected, and the girl from London decided to start her own solo career, a great success seeing the results today.

A year of success

In about two years Ray BLK has reached very high goals and, she has reached them thanks to songs of unquestionable quality like Chill out, My hood next to Stormzy, or Durt. What is more, she recently released her latest single called Patience which is probably the best from BLK.

What does BKL mean?

As she herself refers in an interview, BLK has a meaning. The B corresponds to Building because we have to work hard for the future; L corresponds to Living because you have to live a 100% your life, and K corresponds to Knowing because education is really important. Interesting right?


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