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Rebeca Lane: A Latin American rap voice

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Inside the world of hip hop and rap, there are many renowned artists. Artists like 50 cent, Eminem, Xzibit, Public enemy, among others have formed the list of famous musical artists. They have been shown within the scene of rap and hip hop. That’s why this time we will talk about one of the most famous artists on the scene of world rap: Rebecca Lane.

Rebeca Lane A Latin American rap voice

Rebeca Lane – Early years and Life

Rebeca Lane is synonymous with rap hip hop culture in Latin America. Born in Guatemala, she graduated as a sociologist, poet and later dedicated her life to Latin American rap and feminism within her country. Her albums have transcended the barriers of the Spanish language and have been introduced to American culture and English culture in general.

She began her musical life thanks to the fact that her parents instilled her love of music at such an early age. His artistic name for Rebec is that his aunt was Rebecca and was a communist guerrilla from Guatemala. When she heard the news that her aunt had died, she decided to change her name to Rebecca in honor of her aunt.

In her poetic work and her rap songs she highlights the denunciation of the situation of women and the claim of autonomy and freedom breaking with tradition. In this frame we are Warriors with Nakury and Nativa a proposal to visualize the work of the women in the Hip Hop of Central America.8

Albums and Lyrics

She has participated in many presentations throughout Latin America doing rap on gender equality, social class struggle, against corruption and against poverty. Her lyrics have had an impact on the feminist societies. Throughout Latin America and her music has overcome the barriers of language. Thanks to Youtube and English subtitles on her music videos.

Rebeca Lane has also been actively involved in the social and political life of her country. By founding women’s foundations in Guatemala. This foundation has the purpose of giving more power to women within the political sphere of their country. Just as this foundation also promotes the legalization of women’s participation inside the Guatemalan parliament. In order to generate greater gender diversity within the government of their country.

It is noteworthy that Rebeca is also one of the most representative hip hop artists of the last century. In Latin American and worldwide. Her poses and songs, as well as her message within her song lyrics, have moved many people. Both inside and outside Guatemala for the struggle against all oppressions that arise anywhere in the world.

Present Day

At the present she is single and with musical projects that will arrive at the end of this year 2017. Also she has long-term projects to enter the political environment of her country. So in this way she can expand her ideals of equality. In all sectors of his native country that is Guatemala.

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