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Rick Ross loses 100 pounds to save his life

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Rapper Rick Ross can be an example. He has gone from showing off being overweight in shirtless video clips to being proud of being able to show off with tight clothing. In 2011, the singer suffered two strokes that made him fear for his life. The scare caused him to change his habits, which is noticeable in appearance and health. Ironically, the problem seems to have saved his life.

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The first stroke

He said that one day he was on the plane and he remembered my colleague of his coming to grab him and tell him to get up because he had just suffered a stroke. Rick Ross confessed that in an interview.

“No, I do not feel like I had anything,” said Rick Ross. With those words he relived one of the probably most difficult days of his life. It was October 2011 and the press, echoed the news. The musician was traveling in a plane, which had to land in an emergency. It was said that he was unconscious and that he had to be transferred from the hospital.

Changing habits

The singer, who claimed he slept only 3 hours, decided to extend his sleep time and change the way he was fed. The trips to other countries inspired him and today, after an impressive weight loss, he looks another person.

Who is Rick Ross?

Rick Ross, birth name is William Roberts. Was born in Carol City, Florida in 1977. Ross is an African-American rapper from North Miami. Miami-Dade County.

His first official musical appearance was on Trina’s single “Told Y’all \” already by 2002. Firm by Slip-N-Slide Records, which since 2005 is distributed under Def Jam Records.

His debut album

His debut album, Port of Miami, was released in the summer 2006 and featured collaborations with artists such as Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Trick Daddy and UGK. The album reached the top of the list in the United States selling very little.

His second album went on sale in early 2008, with the help of producers Cool & Dre and collaborations with people like T-Pain, R. Kelly or Nelly, the album reached the first position in the American list, just like his previous album. Ross was arrested that year for weapon and marijuana possessions.

Other albums

In 2009 his third album came out with the name Deeper Than Rap produced mostly by his own independent producer Maybach Music Group, came out on April 21st and has reached the top position in the United States list.
Controversy and fights.

Recently photos were posted in which Ross was dressed as a police officer. Shortly afterwards it was confirmed that Ross was a former police officer when he was younger. Although at first he said that the one of the photos was not the one. After this his colleague Trick Daddy began to insult Ross due to his past as a policeman, since Daddy says that his brother was killed by the brigade in which Ross worked.

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