» » Rihanna and Drake confirms romance with second kiss in Miami

Rihanna and Drake confirms romance with second kiss in Miami

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The Couple no longer hesitate to show their love. They were seen leaving together in Miami and in a night club in New York.

After the rapper Drake declared his love for Rihanna in the recent MTV Video Music Awards and also tried to kiss her on the mouth, rumors about whether or not couple were gathered strength. However, nothing was confirmed. Days later, the publication of a new kiss between the two in Miami and several nights out confirms this.

Rihanna and Drake

In pictures and videos released in the last few hours, you can see the singer of “Work” giving a tender kiss rapper during a concert in Miami.

Rihanna and Drake

The couple came to this place after party after the MTV awards with a group of friends, unabashedly publicly demonstrate their love. And then, in a concert singer, the affection between the two became more than evident when approaching Drake Rihanna up on stage and kiss in front of the audience began to cheer them up. After confirmed the romance, fans soon post pictures of the couple in the Medias. In a post on Drake account, he shows pictures were disseminated him and Rihanna together enjoying their stay in Miami. Days earlier, he saw the couple in another of his nights out, but this time in New York.

As recalled in the recent edition of the MTV Video Music Awards, Drake was chosen by the chain to give Rihanna the most important award of the night, the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in recognition of her career. During her emotional speech, Drake confessed that he is in love with of her. What did she say about it? She rolled his eyes, did not mention the subject and finally turned his face when he tried to kiss her.

Rihanna and Drake

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