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Rihanna and her “Work” in the music world

Emily 27 de November del 2016 celebrities
The pop star Rihanna is living one of the best moments in her career as a music artist. After living through very tough times with her former partner Chris Brown, she is on the top of the charts with her new song “Work”. It features Drake, her current love interest. The Caribbean singer has had a tremendous success in her tour. Thousands of cheerful fans who cry and sing along in crowded arenas around the world.  The success goes hand in hand with her emotional relationship with her partner in life and on stage.

Rihanna and her work

Rhianna’s early life and music career

During her beginnings in Barbados, she never imagined she would turn in a real superstar. Her first hit came in 2005 with a song called “Pon de Replay”, which immediately reached #2 on US charts and remained on the Top 10 for 12 more weeks. In some European countries and New Zealand, it reached #1.

But her second album, “Good Girls Gone Bad” (2007) made her final consecration to stardom with two hits: “Umbrella” and “Please Don’t Stop the Music”. The famous Michael Jackson refrain “mama se mamacusa” is included, maybe as a tribute to the King of Pop? In any case, Rihanna now can be considered the “Queen”.

But all these tremendous hit in music and news haven’t been the whole story. Coming from a problematic childhood with a drug addict father and a mother who struggled for put some food on the table. Robyn Rihanna Fenty (her real name) used to suffer from continuous migraines that led her parents to take some scans to see if she had a brain tumor. Once they got divorced, those painful headaches disappeared.  When she grew up, she joined the Barbadian Army in which she became a cadet.

She had a tempestuous relationship with Chris Brown. Another pop singer she met in 2005, but they started to date in 2008. He started a self-destructive road of alcohol and drugs that turned into dangerous domestic violence when he physically abused her. Since then, she decided not to repeat the same situation she faced as a girl in Barbados, so she immediately ended the relationship.

Rhianna’s current success

Now she turns all those experiences and huge struggles into well-deserved success in the music business. She is involved in a world tour that will take her to a plethora of countries such as Mexico, Spain and Dubai with almost sold-out shows everywhere!

Another thing that highlights her enormous success is her fashion style. She is a girl with a unique personality and beautiful costumes. From wearing a controversial Hillary Clinton t-shirt, to performing with high heels and hot pants. Her style is followed by thousands of teenagers who are her most vibrant fans. “She can wear a gorgeous denim skirt with Timberland boots or a customized tailored suit in one of her shows” says Elle magazine.

Rihanna is also one of the artists who loves to collaborate the most with other performers and singers. Her feature with Kanye West and former Beatle Paul McCartney in “Four Five Seconds” was in the Top 10 on charts worldwide. Not even counting other collaborations with Mikky Ecco and the above mentioned Drake, to have one hit after another without stopping or slowing down.

She is a real superstar who only has begun her career, but she will definitely will have a career that will never stop growing. Her ambition, her passion for what she does and her hard work makes Rihanna competitive in this multimillionaire industry with ups and downs from time to time.

Now she is on the peak of the mountain, but she will soon reach the sky!

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