» » On sale the pendant that Tupac had during the shooting

On sale the pendant that Tupac had during the shooting

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Tupac is one the biggest artist in the world of rap and hip hop. In the anniversary week of Tupac’s death a lots of personal articles of the rapper have been put on sale.

You can find almost everything on auctions like poems, songs, handwritten plates, and some others things for a big amount of money. But a New York merchant is trying to sell the pendant that he was using when he was shot.


Tupac’s pendant is made with gold and diamonds, it has a bullet dent and its worth is $125.000 although its condition. People close to the rapper are against this auction.

Recently, Tupac’s bible was sent to the MIT. Also, the pendant was sent to the MIT by one of the rapper family members. The pendant’s publishing sale has had a strong repression. Fans of the rapper considered this as one invaluable piece of the artist and hip hop Story.

Until now, none of the articles of Tupac have been sold.

It has been said that no one, not even the rapper family members are able to sell any of death rapper possessions. It will also be threatened with legal actions every Tupac articles seller and buyer.


Although the legal threats the Tupac’s pendant auction is on. In that auction it’s mentioned that there are some buyers that take the risk just so they can get such a valuable jewelry piece.

  • In the auction is also being sell the prison bible, that is written and signed by Tupac and has his prison number.
  • It’s amazing that is until now that the pendant Tupac had during the shooting has come to light.
  • Another sources claim that Tupac family members are benefited with a percentage of every rapper article sold.
  • The prison bible is auctioned by $54.000.
  • Some people say that even the clothes that the rapper has been using during that night will be for sale.
  • The total amount of money that could be collected in the auction is unknown.



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