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Tyga stopped keeping up with the kardashians

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 Tyga stopped keeping up with the kardashians 3

One thing is for sure life goes on, and Tyga knows about it, the relationship between him and kylie Jenner has gone bye bye there is no shame in admitting that, the 26 years old rapper left that love nest, or has been asked to leave that love nest, but making a new one is not hard at all for some people over the globe, when you are a successful famous person that is just another day in the business.

The Artist claimed that he had nothing but love to Kylie Jenner and we believe him the man has a lot of love to give, but he simply has to move forward and being a young person he has to do the right decisions moving forward He seem with that good spirit of no fighting nor a troublesome, energy within himself, when he was spotted this last Saturday at Beyonce’s Formation.

Despite he was questioned about how he felt about his break up with the kardashian and he said simply sometimes things just don’t work, but I still love her while being under the company of Karlie Redd now he seem really comfortable with the hip hop diva from Atlanta. This is a really cool attitude that some couples should get all the time.

The end of a relationship, should not be the beginning of a living hell, it is the beginning of a new road, and apparently the road on the artist seems in peace, just like the road of the TV starlet Kylie Jenner seems to be in peace as well. This cool attitude of the two of them not giving any bad comments on each other is going to have positive effect on the undertaking of their careers which are not being affected by the breakup.

Tyga stopped keeping up with the kardashians 2

As for the Road on the love life of Tyga, we could not say where is it going with Karlie Redd, but we wish them well, is only cool to see they are together not having the pressure on anything just chilling around on date night apparently without disturbing anybody, while the comments on Kylie Jenner are a different story now that his is passed.

She posted a video on her Snapchat account not being so friendly towards his ex lip synching a Beyonce’s tune actually Hold up where the message is very clear now, to create people wondering different angles to the break up.

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