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Why Kanye West has so many haters?

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Controversial, polemic, egocentric, those are some words that describe Kanye West. But why they are so many people that hate him? Some says that is for playing attention and it’s all in purpose.  An all media star and we going to presents you 9 reasons why Kanye West is hated.

  1. He gaves strange and selfish names to his kid. He names his son Northwest; the reason why he pick up that name is because his natal town is in the northwest of the country.

  1. He portrait one of the most immature fight in twitter. He behaves like a 10 years old child when he got a discussion with the host Jimmy Kimmel after a awkward interview. Kanye even wrote a song after this.

Kanye West

  1. He yells to a fan in a wheelchair to stand up. In a performance in Australia, he became extremely bossy and ask the audience to stand up for a song, one of his fans didn’t do it, why? He was on a wheelchair and that piss off Kanye West that took this as an insult.

  1. He accused back of not respecting artistry. Known as the king of disputing awards, in 2015 he jump up to the stage and interrupt Beck before he gave the greetings speech. Alleging that they should give that award to Beyoncé.

Kanye West

  1. He posed as Jesus. In the cover of the magazine Rolling Stones he poses like Jesus wearing a crown of thorns.
Kanye West


  1. He claims that AIDS is a manmade disease. He said that AIDS is manmade disease bring to Africa by the white man for destroying the black communities.

  1. He lost it in a radio interview. Why talking to his failure to break it in to the fashion world with the host Sway Calloway west responded negatively to the serious interview, basically he said that Calloway didn’t known what he was talking about and they just shouted at each other for minutes then gave up but the damage was already done.

Kanye West

  1. He interrupted Taylor Swift. A popular moment, after swift won the award for the best female video at the VMAS of 2009, Kanye rip the mic of Taylor and uttered those famous words.

  1. His ego. More than any other individual things that Kanye has done something to hate about him is definitely his ego.
Kanye West


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