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Wins and Loose and Ukrainian Rap

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This weekend, lovers of hip hop and rap music will be proud to hear the new songs that bring the new Wins And Loose music album. This new album will have much more music and better rhythms than the previous albums and that is due to its new musical producer. This new contract with a new musical producer will bring with it many more benefits and better songs so that the fans of this musical group can enjoy it to the maximum.

Wins and loose

The new musical album will be released in music stores at the end of 2017, but this weekend will leave a few songs to the radio so that the fans can prepare for the arrival of the musical album that will come out at the end of 2017.

Origins of Wins and Loose

This rap band born in Ukraine just 3 years ago, in 2014, was formed by a group of students who met during the protests that devastated the country of Ukraine. These protests were directed against the political leadership and in which thousands of people were killed and thousands dead during protest days.

These days of protests were a turning point for all the inhabitants of the main cities of Ukraine and which highlighted the birth of new leaders and new forms of peaceful protests. One of these forms of protest was that of rap. Among these rap groups, the band was born.

This rap band finally released a musical album at the end of 2014 where they sang songs of protests and everything that happened during the day of demonstrations that devastated Ukraine during that year. Among the most famous songs we have a fight for the people, glory to the people, among other songs. These songs have a very musical rhythm in which anyone can like it.

New Album

This band is one of the voices of the Ukraine after the protests of the year 2014, they are known nationally thanks to the lyrics of their songs and in this year 2017 they will draw a new musical album in which it reflects thousands of points of view in Against the war, the Russian military intervention, corrupt politicians and advocates for peace between the Ukrainian brothers.

Wins and loose is a rap and hip hop band that combines musical rhythms with other trends from Eastern Europe. That is why it has a great musical rhythm very attractive and in which they match the lyrics of the songs.

The lyrics are usually in Ukrainian letters but they are also in English and Russian. That is why they have been very popular in the last years. The music of this band transcends the borders and now they are planned a tour by all Eastern Europe and Western Europe.

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