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Young MA – The Lesbian Hip-Hop singer that everybody talks about

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The rapper Young MA made a gig on Christmas eve for free to collect food supply for people in need on the South of Manhattan. This is a different artist, and she’s twisting stereotypes. Young MA is a 24-year-old girl from Brooklyn. She has Caribbean background; she wears clothes that the current American society considers as male clothes.

Her lyrics talks about money, and on her videos she has appeared more than once with a gun. A sample of that is on her video, “Ouuu” which launched her to fame. This can be the description of any rapper from her hood, but the difference is that she is a woman and she is lesbian.

Young MA

Young MA early years

She was raised in Brooklyn, although her mother took the family to Virginia when she was 7 years old. despite she was living there, she continued to visit Brooklyn periodically, until she made the decision by her own to come back to her hood at the age of 16.

She changed her attitude as a tomboy, who liked to play football and basketball.
A very decisive point down in her life was when she turned 17 when her brother was shot death. She concentrated more on her music because she realized she could end up just like him. She began rapping at the age of 9 years old, and started to upload tracks on Youtube during Summer 2013. Some of these songs names were Levels, Kold World, and OG Bobby Johnson.


Some Hip-Hop songs includes some verses about sex, even hers, “I need a rich girl”, says in one of her rhymes. The song has more than 7 million views on Spotify, and she has gotten many remixes.

Young MA vibrant and sarcastic on the stage, but at the same she treats her audience with respect and compassion. Her colleagues back her at the time she flips on the stage, and people love her teeth stuffed with gold.

Success in music

The fame came to Young MA life almost immediately due to her You Tube video “Brooklyn” (Chiraq Freestyle) turned viral. This video had more than 4 million views during that time, but it’s still increasing that amount. After that, she released a mixtape called “SleepWalking’” during the month of November 2015.

The video had excellent critics by her fans and some Hip-Hop critics. This mixtape is about six freestyles (underground) and six unpublished songs (mainstream), which presents her versatile and creative style. Despite she is known as a freestyle rapper, she also can do some good lyrics.

Her debut album came just after that success in 2016 called “Herstory” in 2016, which includes the already legendary track, “Ooouuu”. She has more than 800, 000 followers on YouTube, and more than 1.6 million subscribers on Instagram.

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