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“El Corral de Cervantes” presents the theater of the Golden Age to Hip Hop rhythm

pagoskawaii 31/08/2017 celebrities

“El Corral de Cervantes”, installed in the Cuesta de Moyano in Madrid. It continues its theatrical program with the presentation of ‘La Calderona’, a reinterpretation of classical theater through Hip Hop and Rap, and improvisation show ‘Nobody is giving him

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Is the hip hop the new pop?

pagoskawaii 24/08/2017 celebrities

Hip hop, poetry and anti-war graffiti in South Sudan

pagoskawaii 3/07/2017 celebrities

Young South Sudanese use artistic expressions to mobilize their countrymen, and promote a peace culture. In South Sudan, young people do not have it easy. With one in three citizens displaced by civil war, 100,000 people affected by famine and

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tyga and Chief Keef in 100s
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