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Daddy Yankee brings Tommy Torres to the urban side

Emily 27 de January del 2017 celebrities
The two boricuas released their new song “Tú y Yo”, where the romantic vibe of Tommy Torres meets the urban sounds of Daddy Yankee. Both of them are well known and respected artists on their own merit. But this new partnership has proven to be one of the most natural and productive enterprises in quite a while.

The video already has over 3 million views on YouTube and critics and fans have responded positively. But it all started with an Instagram video posted by Daddy Yankee, where we can see him in the studio working with Torres in what would be their first collaboration. He talks enthusiastically about how this was going to come as big surprise for everyone, and how he was going to bring Tommy to the urban side.

From that moment on, social media went wild with expectations about the new project.


A collaboration based on mutual respect

Daddy Yankee expressed recently in an interview how it was his respect for the work of Tommy Torres as a composer and musical producer that initially led him to join him in this song as a collaborator. Torres wrote the song, and he sought out the help of Daddy Yankee to incorporate the urban sound by which he’s so well known for.

Even though they may come from different musical backgrounds, we can appreciate how it seemed the perfect opportunity for both artists to make the crossover into new musical territory. It could represent a breath of fresh air for the performers and also for their audiences.

And everything indicates they made the right choice. They were both nominated for this year’s Grammy Awards. And they have succeeded in this union and have brought the world of pop romantic ballad together with the world of urban/reggaeton music, each with its respective fan base.

Torres also mentioned during the same interview that when he wanted to give his music a new sound, he went to Daddy Yankee due to his well-known production skills and experience in the genre. Everything that has given him the title of The King.

Torres is also well-known for writing songs for the likes of Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Ricardo Arjona, Ednita Nazario and the Mexican duo Jesse & Joy. So, we can safely say that there was a lot of mutual respect and admiration influencing this collaboration.

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Daddy Yankee and Tommy Torres on “Tú y Yo”

When talking about the subject matter of the song, Torres said that this was a song about longing a type of love that could last forever. The type of love that you don’t want to see ending in heartbreak. Something that may be far from our experience, but always part of our hopes. This is the case with both Torres and Yankee. And Torres says that is precisely what he was trying to convey. We each have our own way to approach our lovers and our relationships, but in the end we want the same thing. However, it was important for Torres to bring in the contrast of Daddy Yankee to make this apparent.

This optimism about love that’s just meant to be also jumped out of the song and onto the artists themselves. They recognize in each other someone who is living in a different musical world but trying to relate experiences that are common for both of them.

Certainly, the contrast between Yankee and Torres has been well-received. Tommy is the first to say that the power Daddy Yankee brings to the song is a whole different energy. Yet it came as a great surprise how organic and natural this union turned out to be. It gives hopes for future collaborations that can bring together these two very talented performers.

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