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Drake and Rihanna Break Up Again

Emily 27 de October del 2016 celebrities
Everyone’s favorite singer from Barbados, Rihanna and the Canadian rapper Drake have shaped the headlines for some time ever since their relationship began around 2009. However, in recent months the two singers have unleashed controversy and expectation from their fans around the world, thanks to their love story.

Since the two artists met in 2009, according to different sources, the rumor of their romantic relationship began right away; however, it was not until 2016 that Drake confessed during his speech give before the special Michael Jackson MTV Awards that he has been in love with “RiRi” since he was 22 years old.

Rihanna was listening and smiling at Drake’s speech before he gave her the recognition she had won. At the end, the audience asked in a single, booming voice “Kiss! Kiss!”, but she only kissed him on the cheek and he gave her a hug and that was all, at least momentarily.


At the party that followed the event, according to photos published in various media outlets, they didn’t spend a single minute apart. The singers maintained a romantic closeness which fueled rumors of romance between them.

In addition to these comments, while singing “Work” at a concert, Rihanna and Drake both kissed and danced sensually, which generated a total euphoria among the attendees. Then the fans spread the videos of the event and they again took possession of all the headlines.

Possible reasons for the break

However, recently a rumor of a breakup between started buzzing around. The singers have not confirmed or denied it yet to the news; they simply continued with their professional life as always.

Several sources have claimed that the breakup was caused by the busy schedules of the famous performers, guaranteeing they continue to love each other.

Taylor Swift and Chris Brown in the middle

Recently, the rapper celebrated his 30th birthday, hosting a party which many celebrities attended, including the famous pop singer Taylor Swift, who is famous in the tabloids because she has been dating again and again with actors, singers and even a DJ. After her many breakups, Swift usually write songs about that relationship.

According to different sources, the blonde pop goddess did not leave Drake’s side all night at the party. The only one who shared more time with the rapper besides her was his own mother. They spent the night laughing, touching and talking, hinting at a possible relationship between the Drake and Swift.

Meanwhile, Ri-Ri said that if Swift has become famous for writing songs about her ex-boyfriends, after having something with Drake, she will write breakup songs until she’s 100 years old. According to the source, Rihanna said, “Swift has no idea the headaches Drake causes in women. If she wants to try, go ahead.”

Besides all the chaos caused by the situation, we can add this to the mix: Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown has declared he wants to get back with her. He was accused of domestic violence against her a couple of years ago for beating her in the face.

What will happen next?

Some people mentioned, “It’s only a matter of time” because Rihanna is still in love with Brown. Nevertheless, some sources also say that the rapper is not really interested in getting back into a serious relationship with her.

All this media drama is nothing new to Drake and Rihanna. Ever since they met, reports about their romantic relationship started to take over social media. When they decided to work together for musical collaborations, there were comments of a romance between them.

Still, the rapper and singer have never confirmed anything official. They have always ensured “we are just friends”, except for the statement Drake gave at the MTV awards.

We will have to remain vigilant about the upcoming news – I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.


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