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Isabella Kumah: The pregnant Hip Hop dancer

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One of the new features of Hip Hop is that anyone can practice it regardless of age or physical conditions. It is in fact one of the most popular dynamic activities in recent years. Nevertheless in the last month has left a notice that has gone around the world. It is that a pregnant woman was practicing hip hop dance to induce natural childbirth. In this article we will mention something about it.

Isabella The Hip Hop dancer

Isabella: The Hip Hop dancer

The pregnant woman is called Isabella Kumah. A young first-time mother who is very fanatic about the lifestyle of Rap / Hip Hop artists. Since she was a very young girl. She has always liked artists like Tupac Shakur, 50 Cent, Xzibit or Dr Dre. In fact they are their favorite heroes and musical artists as they listen to them 100% of the time every day.

She married as a young woman with a man a little older than her and who has a common job within the post offices in the city where they currently live. When she saw on the pregnancy test that she was pregnant, it was huge and joyful news for the young parents. The 9 months of pregnancy passed with complete normality. In fact, there were almost no problems in pregnancy. Except the typical nausea and mood swings typical of the first months of pregnancy.

However, the doctors were worried that on the scheduled delivery day, Isabella still did not have the natural birth impulses. Doctors tried everything. Like injection into the spine, hormones and pills to induce labor but none of that worked.

In one of these natural labor attempts, Isabella had an idea. She put into practice at home two days after the doctor’s attempts to induce natural childbirth through dancing. She had seen in a documentary for television that it is possible to induce labor by dancing.

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So in the following days, she prepared her whole room to dance to the rhythm of Rap and Hip Hop to induce natural childbirth. After long sessions where the hip hop movements performed on her, she felt the natural labor in the middle of the night of the third day.

The doctors were amazed by the technique used by Isabella. To induce labor since no woman would have thought to do the dance moves she did. After hours of childbirth, she gave birth to a beautiful baby. The couple was happy and Isabella was happier still because the music that she liked had helped the baby to be born.

Currently, Isabella has a beautiful baby in which she takes him to the park and acts like any first-time mom. She changes the diapers to the baby, she gives the baby to eat, and she gives him food.. Isabella’s family and her friends still do not believe that the method used by Isabella to induce labor was thanks to Hip Hop dances.

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