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Jay Z. First rapper inducted to Songwriters’ Hall of Fame

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The artist and businessman sees his musical career recognized for “embodying the American dream”. For the first time, a rapper will enter the Olympus of composers. Jay-Z, who along with his wife, singer Beyoncé, is one of the most powerful couples in the entertainment world. He was chosen to be part of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The hall of fame that brings together the most outstanding composers in popular music.

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Hall of Fame

The recognition is only granted to composers who have at least 20 years of career. Jay Z has not had to wait much longer to see his lyrics rewarded. Last year was two decades since the release of his first album Reasonable Doubt.

Also, considered one of the classic titles of the genre. Moreover, in October the committee in charge of the appointments already announced his nomination. From that initial list finally fell names such as Madonna, George Michael or Gloria Estefan.

His fame

The award comes to Jay Z for being “the embodiment of the American dream”. Born in New York, Brooklyn and raised in a neighborhood of official housing. In conclusion, his ability to rhyme allowed him to leave behind a youth as a drug dealer.

Then, the fame arrived. 21 Grammy awards and 100 million albums sold. He has released 16 albums-13 of them were No. 1 in the US, a record that no one has yet taken away- and he has recorded hundreds of songs. He does not even need a pencil to compose them. Among hip hop followers, there is a well known legend that Jay Z never writes his lyrics on paper. He just goes into the booth to record and recites them by heart.


In addition to his musical career and, above all, his facet as an entrepreneur. He has founded or bought record labels, clothing brands, representation agencies, the streaming music platform Tidal. All this, have earned him a fortune of 610 million dollars, according to Forbes.

However, Jay Z will receive recognition on June 15 in New York at a ceremony that will also include the other seven award-winning musicians this year, including R&B composer Babyface and Swedish hit maker Max Martin. Then, Jay Z will become what he had already predicted in 2009 in one of his songs: The only rapper able to rewrite history without a pen.

Jay Z and Beyoncé

It is not a secret that the relationship between Beyoncé and Jay Z was at the heart of speculation after Queen B launches her latest project, Lemonade.

After what appeared to be an attempt by the singer to put all her marital problems into a great musical project, the status of her marriage to Jay Z has been greatly questioned. Although the couple made a couple appearances together here and there, and Jay joined Beyoncé on their current tour, many still wonder what happens to these two. It is good to know that everything seems to go well.

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