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Kanye West at the Psychiatric Hospital

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Kanye West is back to promote his new musical album after a terrible mental collapse he had in the last 7 months. Such was the mental collapse that had to be confined in a psychiatric hospital to  have a slow recovery. But he is now back again. He is now more reformed and stronger than ever to promote his new album that will have much success and that will be released next year.

Kanye West

This new album will have many surprises for the fans. Since it is an album in which he include new songs while he was admitted to the psychiatric hospital. These new songs will feature lyrics about depression, multiple personality disorders, bipolar disorder and many other mental illnesses. The rapper was inspired  by the people inside the facilities of the psychiatric hospital.

Kanye Inspiration for the Album

In November 2016, Kanye West was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after a mental breakdown caused by stress, nervousness, anger, sadness and a serious problem with drug-bound alcohol. This caused him to have sudden mood swings, bipolar disorder, severe migraines and serious anger issues against his staff and his family. That is why he had to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital and cancel his promotional tour.

During the time he was held in a mountaintop hospital, he had time to reflect. He had time to rethink his past mistakes and present errors. That’s why he wrote new songs inside his room inside the psychiatric hospital. During the 7 months he was held inside the psychiatric institute, he was able to see how different patients can suffer from different mental disorders that can lead to total madness to anyone.

That’s why Kanye West could saw an unique opportunity to write more rap and hip hop songs. These songs will have moments of reflection and with ambient music quite different in comparison with his other albums.

These songs, he declares himself, will have great musical moments and great musical lyrics. Which life is explored beyond material and physical. As well as it will have a huge participation of several artists to make musical collaboration.

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The musical album will have many songs and new rhythms that will surprise many fans. Also Kanye West will have inside his musical repertoire a great musical collection for the fans and for people who would listen to him for the first time. He has a personal project for the promo tour for the musical album. It will be released later this year or early 2018.

For the moment we do not know the details of this new album for the fans. But according to the rap and hip hop artist, Kanye West, this is going to surprise many people and it will be a great change of perspective for the different people who listen this musical branch.

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