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New music for 2017? Mac Miller, Isaiah Rashad and Rapsody

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2016 was a year of plenty of records and good music. That’s something nobody can’t neglect. Drake, Young Thug, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Schoolboy Q, J. Cole, etc. Just to say a few of the most popular ones who have released some of the most expected records throughout the year.

New music for 2017

New music for 2017?

Rap music is still one of the bestselling genres on the planes, and they never stop doing mixtapes, albums, video clips and concerts. But, there’s something that is a bit negative.  Some records didn’t receive the attention they deserved. That’s why we’re going to mention three albums that possibly are left apart during last year.

  1. Marc Miller. The Divine Feminine.
This guy has been in love. Something which is great for us. GO:OD AM was not as good as we thought regarding his previous albums. It went unnoticed. That’s why it was a real surprise when he announced another album in a short period of time. When you listen to The Divine Feminine, you realize that this dude from Philadelphia is in love for real. Marc is tired of talking about drugs, parties, and other topics he’s just simply focused on music. The result is an album that has more new soul than hip-hop.

He doesn’t have a great voice, but it is for sure he’s set all his charming on the lyrics that talk about love, sex, and women in a very sincere way. At the same time with romanticism. Apart from that, Ariana Grande and King Kendrick featuring are on fire! Good work Marc!

  1. Isaiah Rashad. The Sun’s Tirade. Blues,baby.
He’s one of the least named from the band TDE. He has more blues than the other members of the group. Cilvia Demo launched his career. But unfortunately, Isaiah get through a very deep depression just recently, and that’s why he’s been reluctant.

Although he released one the best album during Fall last year. It seems that he makes these kinds of things without any effort, and that’s his main pro. You can hear this dude singing and you see a shy boy that speaks to you looking at the floor, but his lyrics are really strong, colorful and with plenty of good content.

He makes a living on music and he has a son. His style has always been full of feeling and thrill. He represents real blues baby!

  1. Rapsody. Crown.
Jay Z  sponsored 9th Wonder. Dr. Dre said once that she was his favorite female rapper. (Beyond genders). Her previous album Beauty and The Beast might have had an impulse thanks to her featuring in Pimp a Butterfly Kendrick Lamar. But this album has a lot of style. In Crown we can also say the same.

Rapsody is one of the most “smooth” hip-hop singer you can find around. Despite Crown was just a mixtape, it is definitely an album that must be mentioned here.

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