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Rap as an essential part of the musical culture of the world

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Rap has always been an essential part of the musical culture of the world. It has been a revelation since its appearance. Almost 40 years ago in the poor neighborhoods of the United States. Because it is a source not only of social frustrations such as kidnappings, murders, robberies and other criminal acts, but also as a window to reflect the reality of poor society.

Rap has always been an essential part of the musical culture of the world

Rap and hip hop have  a fabulous tool and especially a way to dissuade the masses of people to have an escape valve with all the problems that arise within their neighborhoods. One of these problems is the lack of emotional expression in autistic children.

Autism in poor neighborhoods

There is a considerable number of children born with autism in the poor neighborhoods of the United States. This problem usually worsens once they enter the hostile world in which they find themselves. This involves in drug dealing until to the handling of illegal weapons by minors.

This in combination with their natural pattern of autism may mean that they will grow to be the next delinquents or the antisocial. That is why rap has emerged to promote mental and emotional development of these children. To know better, in this informative article will be discuss it. Without saying more: let’s begin.

Autism is a mental condition. The individual doesn’t have the ability to socially interact or to properly express the feelings and thoughts in a rational and normal way. As a result, rap has become an emerging tool for this type of disability. The advantages, they will have a way to express in a creative and unique way.

Autism is a way of life that tends to be bad treatments on the part of the society since it is still incomprehensible on the part of all the people of the society. It has been corroborated that rap is the beginning to help these children. With rap they can freely express themselves. They will express without difficulties and in a correct way for society.

Rap the essential part of the musical culture

This was demonstrated by a study at Harvard. They investigated and concluded that thanks to rap and bass rhythms and with physical expressions, these children can be helped. They will have better projection of their lives. Also they will have better social health.

It is with the rap music in which these children identify themselves immediately and with those who can call attention to those through the vibrant music and good vibes that music carries.

That is why among the thousands of methods that have emerged in the last years, rap is undoubtedly one of the best because it combines everything that has to do with body expression and lyrics. It is this combination in which all of the aforementioned is predominant and with the virtue that the present society can be improved to accommodate a better society.

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