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The female rapper V-Nasty & Gucci Mane

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For those who does not know yet, Vanessa Reece A.K.A V-NASTY from the group White Girl Mob is a rapper from Oakland, California, who has made a step forward to fame with her album BAYTL.

Featuring the Atlanta hip hop singer Gucci Mane the use of the expression “nigga” on her first songs interviewers criticized the white rapper because of the racist origin of the term. It’s not very common among white American. Even the press and T.V networks. When they are forced to refer to this word, they say the “N-word” V-NASTY has been aware of that. for that reason, she left using it.


Who is V-Nasty?

Vanessa Renee Reece (born November 11, 1990), better known by her stage name V-Nasty, is an American rapper from Oakland, California.

The female rapper grew up in block 35 of East Oakland. A neighborhood known for drug trafficking and a high crime rate. Daughter of a Caucasian mother and a Vietnamese father. V-Nasty had a difficult childhood – she used to skip classes, steal alcohol, get in and out of jail. V-Nasty attended Skyline High School, a public school in Oakland before dropping out when she was taking ninth grade, while in sixth grade, both parents got arrested.

During her teenage years, V-Nasty had several jobs, including working in a chocolate factory. At the age of 15, she gave birth to her first baby. She had another one later. V-Nasty has a son and a daughter, both of whom are half-black. The Brooklyn rapper named Magneto Dayo claimed that V-Nasty was lying about the paternity of one of her sons. According to him, they have never met in person.

Contract and controversy

Gucci Mane contacted V-Nasty in 2011, who offered her to collaborate with him in an album. Prior to launching the project, she got approached by several record companies who wanted to sign her. She declined most of the offers because she felt herself not ready for a big deal at that time. Her debut album with Gucci Mane, titled BAYTL was released on December 13th, 2011. Through Vice Records and Warner Bros. Records.

Also, Gucci Mane produced the album by her own. It counts with features such as Mistah FAB, Berner and Slim Dunkin’, among other artists. About V-Nasty, Gucci Mane said “By far … my most controversial mixtape so far” commented that many people would be surprised by her.

Finally, the single “Whip Appeal” preceded the album, which debuted on November 2, 2011. Officially released on November 18th. On December 16, V-Nasty shoot the music video in Atlanta for “Push Ups” with Gucci Mane and Slim Dunkin. Dunkin got into a fight with the young rapper Vito. The result of this brawl was in Dunkin being shot dead. She’s currently on the stage, although she has not recorded a new album since then.

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