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Eminem Vs the Political Party that “copied” his music

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Perhaps it would have gone unnoticed by many if it was another song. The use of the famous instrumental song “Lost Yourself” by Eminem in the campaign of a political party without the prior consent of the artist is denounced by the rapper. The trial began on May 1st, 2017 according to Rolling Stones magazine.


Eminem – Lose yourself.

The song “Lose Yourself” is part of the soundtrack of the Eminem’s film 8 Mile (2002). The musician’s lawyer, Gary Williams, denounces that it is “extremely valuable” to be copied. Could have added. He also said that the ceding of the song is controlled with extreme care. Despite many requests, it has been given only on time for announcements. When it has been done, it has contributed with millions of dollars. He has said, reports the American press.

“Lose Yourself” is also one of Eminem’s greatest hits. Composed by the rapper in 2002 for the film and album “8 Mile”. It won an Oscar in 2003. In the section of the best original song by that film. Directed by Curtis Hanson. Starring by the American rapper Kim Basinger and also the actress Brittany Murphy.

The campaign.

The controversial advertisement that includes the song dates back to 2004, when the New Zealand National Party used music apparently exactly like Eminem’s instrumental in “Lose Yourself.”

In its day, the party justified the fact saying that the music had been provided by an Australian production company. The trial has begun last Monday, so we will have to wait to know the outcome.

On the other hand the NP used in an announcement for its campaign in 2014, a track of song Eminem’s song, reason why they reject the plagiarism accusations, although Eminem’s lawyer stressed that copyright laws cover the lyrics, music composition and recording sound, so there was misuse of the song.

The lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed by Eminem’s record company Eight Mile Style against the National Party (NP) for the unauthorized use of the American rapper’s song, which won the Oscar in 2003 in the section of the best original song for the film “8 Mile. ”

LLC and Martin Affiliated lawyers, who filed suit in Wellington courts, criticized the NP’s performance. However legal representatives of the New Zealander ruling party said there was no illegality. That it was an advertising move.

Other controversies.

Eminem again railed against Donald Trump in a collaboration on rapper Big Sean’s new album “I Decided”. In a duet song entitled “No Favors” Eminem insults the president of the United States. He promises to “make him to sink.”

In this album, where the two rappers from Detroit highlight their humble origins and wonder about the direction in which the world goes, Eminem accuses the new president of carrying out a campaign with racist connotation.

However, Eminem nevertheless reserves his most acidic verses to Ann Coulter. Ultra conservative columnist known for her provocative statements, against which the rapper imagines all sorts of violent acts, also including trampling her with a car.

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