» » Rihanna is delighted with her discreet romance

Rihanna is delighted with her discreet romance

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The pop star would be living a completely different relationship to the one he had with Chris Brown.

Although Rihanna fans only know of the existence of Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel since the end of last June, when both were photographed very caramelized in the pool of a private villa during their holidays in Spain, the relationship between them could go back ‘several months ago, and also marked the beginning of one of the happiest and most stable stages of the interpreter to date, thanks to the attitude of her new boyfriend.

Rihanna is delighted with her discreet romance

What we know about the new romance?

“Hassan is a very private person, especially with his love life.

He does not like to embarrass his family by going out in the magazines or being the protagonist of public dramas. Hassan’s fortune allows him to live like a real rock star-dating women beautiful, traveling on their jet all over the world, riding limousines, staying in the best hotels – but also allows them to hire a great security, which helps protect their privacy, “said a source close to the singer at the Hollywood Life news portal.

This situation seems to fit perfectly with the way of life the artist wants to embrace now, after her turbulent relationship with Chris Brown starred hundreds of headlines worldwide.

“After the nightmare he lived with Chris he does not have another public romance, and he loves the fact that Hassan does not want to be under the spotlight, be famous, or have to compete with him in that sense. Hassan is very different from all the other guys with whom Rihanna has come out, and they have an adult relationship, without deception or drama. Hassan allows Rihanna to enjoy all the freedom she wants, but also gives her the stability of Being in a relationship.

It is the best of both worlds, and Rihanna is enchanting it, “the informant told the same media.

This is Rihanna’s new mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

The properties and real estate of the stars living in Hollywood are your letter to the world and a way to show how well things are going. Therefore, the large residences and elegant mansions are one of the excesses preferred by the famous.

The last real estate acquisition most commented in the press has been that of Rihanna. The pop star has rented a mansion in Hollywood Hills, designed by the prestigious architect David Lawrence Gray, which costs $ 7 million.

The residence, christened by its creator as ‘The Fortress’ (Spanish fortress) because of its mental interior skeleton, has seven rooms and nine bathrooms. The entrance to the residence has a swimming pool that extends along the immense garden and next to this a private spa with a capacity for 12 people.

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